Module 5

Module 5 explores the final stages of the research process by detailing the analysis of data and the representation of research findings. Attention is turned to ‘thematic analysis’ and the process of identifying ‘themes’ within the data that stand as representative points of ‘evidence’.

From here, consideration is given to the way research findings might be presented.
In considering the final stages of the research process, this Module focuses on:

  • Analysis of data and the identification of ‘themes’
  • The translation of ‘themes’ into ‘evidence’
  • The presentation of research findings to best connect with your audience

Module 5 offers insight into the culmination of the research process. Gaining meaningful insights from the data and presenting this in ways that resonate with your audience represents the outcome of the entire research process.

Module Videos

Video 5-1: Analysing Data

Video 4-2: Reporting Research Findings