Should I complete this program?

As a local government professional, have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I justify the initiation of a program that comes at a cost, when the benefits are often intangible?
  • How do I identify what is needed to address the needs, wants and desires of the community?
  • How do I explain the impact of the programs and initiatives I have delivered?

The Social Research Toolkit is designed to support the work of local government professionals engaged in the delivery of community-focussed initiatives. The Social Research Toolkit provides a comprehensive program of professional development aimed at up-skilling local government professionals in social research techniques to enable the production of evidence-based planning and reporting.

Does your work as a local government professional involve working with stakeholders both within and beyond the organisation?

Do you require evidence to support the implementation and review of programs and initiatives?

If these questions relate to the work that you undertake, then The Social Research Toolkit will be of value to you.